Business Analytics

PrecisionERP can help your business run like never before by turning your existing data into new opportunities through Business Analytics. We can help implement solutions that enhance your organization’s productivity and maximize results.

Business Intelligence solutions from SAP can make your organization more competitive by:

  • Combining different types of data in innovative ways to get forward-looking insight that inspires decisions.
  • Enabling management to ask the right questions at the right time, quickly and with confidence.
  • Leveraging market and customer data to gain a competitive edge.
  • Making it easy to communicate and share insights to key stakeholders while responding quickly to changing business conditions that are revealed by facts, not feelings.

Within the broad umbrella of “Business Analytics” we can provide expert level consulting resources related to the following areas.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Good information leads to good decisions. PrecisionERP can help organizations improve their confidence in their data, by assisting in the creation, cleansing, integrating, managing, governing, archiving of structured & unstructured data

  • Data Services.
  • Data Integration and Quality Management.
  • Master Data Management.
  • Information Governance.

Business Intelligence (BI)

With SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence, PrecisionERP can help organization slice & dice information in order to put the power of better business intelligence into the hands of the people making decisions.

  • Reporting and Analysis.
  • Dashboards and Visualization.
  • Data Exploration.
  • Mobile.
  • BI Platform.

Analytic Applications

PrecisionERP can help implement preconfigured, Industry Specific, and Line of Business specific analytic applications.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

PrecisionERP can help implement EPM, and allow your organization to understand how your organization is performing against the plan.

  • Strategy Management
  • Planning
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Profitability and Cost management
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Disclosure Management
  • Supply Chain Performance.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

PrecisionERP can provide experienced, expert level resources to help organizations minimize the cost and complexity of implementing and running their governance, risk management and compliance programs.

  • Enterprise GRC (risk management, compliance, and monitoring)
  • Access risk management (centralized GRC management)
  • Global trade services (managing worldwide compliance risks)
  • Sustainability performance management

Data Warehousing

PrecisionERP can help organizations speed up their data searches and analysis by implementing cutting edge data warehousing technologies.

In-memory computing – i.e. SAP HANA™:

SAP HANA™ is an in-Memory appliance that processes high volumes of operational and transactional data in real-time, from virtually any data source. SAP HANA™ uses in-memory analytics, a technique that queries data stored in random access memory (RAM) instead of on a hard disk or flash storage. Organizational data is captured in memory as it occurs, and flexible views expose analytic information at the speed of thought. External data can be added to analytic models to incorporate data from across the entire organization. The SAP in-memory computing engine that resides at the heart of SAP HANA™ is an integrated database and calculation layer that allows the processing of massive quantities of real-time data in main memory to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions. The in-memory approach also enables much faster data processing and allows companies to run more sophisticated and time-relevant data analytics applications compared to conventional systems.

Enterprise data warehouses and data marts;


PrecisionERP can provide the right resources to help organizations develop applications to access and leverage their information assets across a myriad of mobile devices.